Ukraine to get more armoured vehicles but presses for tanks to fight Russia

French President Emmanuel Macron told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy his government would send light AMX-10 RC armoured combat vehicles to help its war effort, a French official said on Wednesday after a phone call between them. “This is the first time that Western-made armoured vehicles are being delivered in support of the Ukrainian army,” the official said. Hours later, U.S. President Joe Biden said Washington was considering sending Bradley Fighting Vehicles to Ukraine, which since Russia’s invasion in February has been fighting Europe’s biggest land conflict since 1945. Cities have been destroyed, millions of people displaced and tens of thousands killed.

The Bradley armoured vehicle, which has a powerful gun, has been a U.S. Army staple to carry troops around battlefields since the mid-1980s. The U.S. Army has thousands of Bradleys, and they would give Ukraine more firepower on the battlefield and strengthen its ability in trench warfare.

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